The Museum of Possibilities

February 4, 2011

Last spring, the city of Montreal invited its citizens to explore the possibilities of the city’s public spaces and share their ideas for the future of a particular lot in the Quartier des Spectacles district through this extraordinarily clever and creative public art installation called “The Museum of Possibilities.”

Museum of Possibilities via Brain Pickings

Visitors were encouraged to share their ideas by writing them down on pieces of paper and attaching them to the balloons. They could also vote with stickers on their favorite ideas posted by others.

Ideas and voting in the Museum of Possibilities

This could have been a simple, pretty public art installation on an unused lot, but the creators of the installation took it far beyond that and used it as a civic engagement opportunity to think and talk about the often-neglected and underutilized spaces in our cities and towns. We love it.

Field of ballons at the Museum of Possibilities

As Maria Popover of the excellent Brain Pickings (where we spotted the Museum of Possibilites) noted, this project reminds us of Give a Minute.

Where should there be a Museum of Possibilities in New Jersey, and what would it look like? We want to hear your votes.

via Brain Pickings & Local Projects