Watching Our Garden Grow

March 23, 2011

It’s snowing in New Jersey today, but that’s not keeping us from thinking about and looking forward to another season with our rooftop garden.

We’ve got a new item to add to our garden wishlist:

Plant Cam in the garden

What’s that, you ask? A Plant Cam! It’s a rugged, weatherproof digital camera that takes pictures of your garden at regular intervals. It stitches the photos together into a video, so that you have a neat little recording of your growing season. (You can imagine other uses for this too: capturing scenes of wildlife, construction projects, etc.)

Inside of Plant Cam

Wingscapes has developed several versions of these cameras, including  motion-activated cameras for bird watching. You can see a number of photos and videos on their website. We’d like to see what birds and bugs are visiting our green roof too!

Until we have a Plant Cam installed, we’ll keep taking our own pictures and posting them to our Flickr stream. Come take a look at our garden and green roof over the past couple of years.

Images: Wingscapes