What Good Would You Do with $100 Million? Join us Thursday for our next Twitter Chat

July 18, 2016

100 Million Twitter Chat

Join us at 2 p.m. Thursday for a LIVE #BetterNJ Twitter chat to imagine the good you’d do with $100 million right here in the Garden State.

The MacArthur Foundation will award $100 million to an organization to solve a critical problem as part of its #100andchange challenge. It’s open to organizations working in any field anywhere.

So what issue would you tackle? Would it be ending homelessness through the arts? Cleaning up our waterways? Ensuring every child has access to the arts in their schools? Making your local library a hub for community?

Join the conversation and maybe you’ll spark an idea or meet a partner to work with when your organization is selected as the $100 million winner.

#BetterNJ Twitter Chat – What Would You Do With $100 Million?
Thursday, July 21, 2016
2:00 – 3:00 PM

We want to know:

  • What problem would you solve?
  • Is $100 million enough to do so?
  • Who would be your dream partner(s)?
  • What would success look like?
  • If you were the winner, how would you get started?

The 100 and Change challenge is open to any organization working anywhere. Applicants must identify both the problem they are trying to solve, as well as their proposed solution.

To be considered, grant seekers have until Sept. 2 to register and until Oct. 3 to submit a detailed proposal. A panel of experts from across sectors will choose finalists next summer.

According to the challenge rules:

  • No single field or problem area is designated; proposals from any sector are encouraged.
  • Proposals should articulate both the problem and the proposed solution, and must have a charitable purpose.
  • Competitive proposals will be meaningful, verifiable, durable, and feasible.

Why is the Dodge Foundation hosting a Twitter chat?

Simply, Twitter chats are about connecting and learning. It’s an easy way to hit pause in your work day from where ever you are and share ideas and best practices with peers from across the state.

Moreover, you never know what connections you’ll make or who’s reading, and it’s a great way to try out new tools and ways to reach your audiences.

All are welcome to join the chat. The more voices, the better the conversation!

Tips for Participating in a Twitter Chat:

  • Use Twitter to follow #betternj — or better yet, try Tchat.io at http://www.tchat.io/
  • Don’t be afraid to jump in!
  • Always use #betternj in your tweet
  • When the moderator asks the first question, it will begin with “Q1”. Be sure to respond by beginning your answer with “A1” and so on…
  • Chat with other participants by replying directing to them and RT if you’re digging their responses
  • Include a “.” in front of an @ like so [.@] if you want your tweet to show up in all feeds
  • Feel free to dip in and out of the chat
  • Be polite and positive
  • Follow up with people after the chat and keep the conversations going!

Set a reminder on your calendar to join us. We hope to see you on Twitter at 2 p.m. Thursday as @grdodge!

So, what could you do with $100 million?



Meghan Jambor is the Dodge Foundation’s communications manager. Follow her on Twitter @MeghanJambor.