Why Is Dodge’s Technical Assistance Worth Your Time?

September 15, 2015

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Nonprofits typically know when they need capacity building work, be it board development, marketing support, fundraising or strategic planning. However, they often launch into major planning efforts without the needed resources and readiness to properly develop or implement the changes they want to realize.

Wendy Liscow, Dodge Education Program Director

At the Dodge Foundation, we believe organizations need to spend time meaningfully reflecting, assessing and learning before jumping into a planning phase. The eight-month Dodge Board Leadership Training series is designed to ensure that boards and staffs carve out invaluable focused time and gain new tools to help develop effective, strategic and mission-driven boards.

Dodge provides a series of sequential workshops that require an organization’s decision makers (executive director and board members) to attend together.

Workshop Overview

The series begins with two mandatory workshops that lay the foundation for the rest of the program, including an introduction to nonprofit lifecycles and an accessible approach to assessment, as well as an overview of the roles and responsibilities of a board member. These introductory  workshops are followed by a series of offerings that allow participants to delve more deeply into the topics they feel are most essential to achieving their goals. We end the series by synthesizing the learning and providing practical steps to manage the challenges of incorporating new governance and day-to-day business practices.

We also offer consulting services, a regular blog series, and a resource page on Dodge’s website throughout the process, and once you graduate from the series, you can participate in monthly small-group “learning circle” discussions to share knowledge, lessons learned, and support on a continuing basis.

Grantee organizations that successfully complete the requirements of the program are eligible to apply for a matching grant to initiate a board capacity-building effort identified during the series, such as a strategic or board fundraising plan.

Additionally, this year, in response to feedback from previous series’ attendees, we have added three advanced courses.

We look forward to learning together!

Register Now! Please register online at least 3 weeks prior to the selected workshop date with your complete team.


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