Your Distinguished Identity

February 27, 2012

Public Image Works.

By Wendy Liscow
Program Officer

I can’t think of a single nonprofit organization that has not undergone some sort of institutional transformation since the economic downturn. That is, if they wanted to survive. Nonprofits had to not only be fiscally prudent; they also had to be nimble enough to respond to the shifting needs and interests of their clientele. Programs were scrutinized and overhauled, and strategic planning for a sustainable future became the new norm.

Public Image WorksThe result is leaner, more focused nonprofit organizations. The problem is, most nonprofits have been so busy remaking them themselves internally that they haven’t had time to refresh their external public image to match their new vision and programs.

If this rings true for you and your organization, the Dodge Foundation has the perfect solution. Dodge has once again engaged Ennis Carter and Social Impact Studios to lead their popular Public Image Works Communication series that will offer Executive, Communication and I.T. Directors an intensive four-part training to refurbish their public image and develop and implement a communications plan.

The workshop series kicks off on March 28, 2012 with the Distinguished Identity workshop. This workshop will help you understand your organization and then design how to best convey that understanding to others. You will examine values, goals, and your organization’s unique qualities so the right story is being told in the most dynamic way.

You will proceed to design a promotional strategy that incorporates your Power-map of key audience and influencers, and utilizes the best in social networking techniques. The workshops are very participatory and have follow-up webinars where you can get guidance from Social Impact Studio experts and learn from your colleagues’ efforts. There are even some one-on-one consulting hours available for those who are actively engaged in creating their communications plans and need some extra support.

So if you are serious about designing a strong identity and promotional plan that will propel your organization forward for lasting impact, sign up for the series soon. Space is limited.

We look forward to sharing Social Impact Studio’s unique approach to PR that involves more than just the selling of a product. Instead, it emphasizes the connection between marketing goals and value-based goals, so you can create a comprehensive and meaningful campaign that gets the attention it deserves.