Meet the Grantees

Together, we aim to support, center, and connect the most effective, transformative efforts to address the root causes and repair structural racism in New Jersey—and become a just and equitable state.

We are proud to have incredible nonprofit partners, social justice advocates, and movement leaders in our community. Through both our Imagine a New Way and Momentum Fund grantmaking, we are putting action to our words to build a just and equitable New Jersey. Below are a few organizations whose work addresses the root causes and repair of structural racism and whose impact is creating tangible progress for the people of New Jersey.  

Learn more about and view the entire grantee directory of organizations in our community.  

Ironbound Community Corporation Environmental Justice Team Newark, NJ  

The Ironbound neighborhood in Newark has historically been both an industrial and a residential community, where factories operate right next to homes. So, for the people of Ironbound, environmental injustice – the overburdening amount of pollution and other environmental problems significantly impacting public health and quality of life in low-income communities of color – is a real matter. Ironbound Community Corporation Environmental Justice Team works towards environmental justice for their community, a historically immigrant community and currently home to more than 50,000 people, most of whom were born outside the United States and recently arrived from Central and South America. ICC is a longstanding anchor in the community organizing, advocating, planning, and developing efforts to work toward environmental justice.  

New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice Hackensack, NJ 

The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice is a state-wide coalition spanning labor, faith, policy, community-based, and grassroots organizations that fight for policies that empower and protect immigrants. NJAIJ leverages the power and strength of their member organizations to position immigrant communities as leaders in campaigns that advance justice, inclusion, and belonging. Through the work of NJAIJ and their members, they hold policy and decision makers accountable to win a fair share of resources and access to services and promote strategies that keep communities whole, empowered, and active agents of civic and social change. The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice centers their campaigns at the intersection of racial, social, and economic justice. 

New Jersey Institute for Social Justice Newark, NJ 

The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice (NJISJ) seeks to empower people of color by building reparative systems that create wealth, transform justice, and harness democratic power—from the ground up—in New Jersey. The Institute is known for dynamic and independent advocacy and is committed to exposing and repairing the cracks of structural racism. NJISJ works to ensure that residents of New Jersey have access to economic justice, including meaningful employment opportunities and access to housing. It promotes rehabilitative community-oriented alternatives to incarceration for youth, public safety transformations, and expansion of democracy through voting rights and participation. 

Salvation for Social Justice Trenton, NJ 

Salvation and Social Justice seeks to liberate public policy theologically by building Black faith-rooted communication strategies, advocacy, and public education campaigns, to lift up poor, underserved, and traditionally oppressed communities with a particular focus on racial justice through abolition, restoration, transformation, and coalition.

The Newark Movement for Economic Equity Newark, NJ

The Newark Movement for Economic Equity (NMEE) is a two-year research study that provides guaranteed income or unconditional cash payments to Newark residents, with a focus on those experiencing housing insecurity. The program addresses the economic insecurity faced by Newark’s residents by providing $6,000 per year for two years in partnership with Mayors for a Guaranteed Income (MGI). Newark is a founding member of Mayors for a Guaranteed Income, which now has over 100 Mayors in its ranks advocating for policies that rethink how we address economic equity in America.