Helping Support Nonprofits and Communities As They Rebuild After Hurricane Sandy

Mission: The New Jersey Recovery Fund will support catalytic ideas and projects with an emphasis on collaboration, innovation, and sustainability as New Jersey recovers from Hurricane Sandy. Preference will be given to efforts by nonprofit organizations and communities that: serve as demonstration projects from which others can learn; enhance projects funded with public dollars; and/or are complementary to other recovery efforts.

(Updated August 6, 2013)

The New Jersey Recovery Fund has awarded $3.8 million to support smart Sandy recovery and resilient communities in New Jersey. See the full announcement as well as a comprehensive listing of the grants here.

(Updated April 11, 2013)

Full proposals to the New Jersey Recovery Fund are currently being reviewed. The Fund is not accepting any more applications at this time.

(Updated March 6, 2013)

The application process for the New Jersey Recovery Fund is now closed. Almost 200 letters of inquiry are currently being reviewed. All applicants will be notified whether or not they have been invited to submit a full proposal by March 13. If invited, applicants must submit full proposals by March 27.

(Updated February 4, 2013)

The Community Foundation of New Jersey announced the guidelines for the New Jersey Recovery Fund, which focuses on five overarching areas:

  1. Public information and community engagement
  2. Reframing the conversation: policy reform to support resiliency and sustainability
  3. Innovative community/regional planning demonstration projects
  4. Environmental protection and restoration
  5. Community-driven/participatory arts projects

In addition to inviting targeted proposals from specific organizations, the Community Foundation has designed a process that is open to a broad array of possibilities and partnerships. Communities and nonprofit organizations, as well as partnerships which may include individuals, nonprofits, businesses and municipalities are invited to submit their best ideas for consideration. In order to be eligible for a grant, applicants should be based in New Jersey or partner with a New Jersey nonprofit organization or municipality, though exceptions may be made (see the guidelines for further details).

The Fund will support catalytic ideas and projects with an emphasis on innovation, collaboration, resiliency and sustainability as New Jersey recovers from Hurricane Sandy. It is not designed to provide disaster relief funding for businesses, individuals or nonprofits for damages sustained during the Hurricane.

To see the full guidelines, please click here.

Additionally, the Fund will make targeted grants for Community Development and Capacity Building and Health Services on an invitation only basis. We will not be accepting applications for these grants.

All inquiries and proposals will be reviewed and grant recommendations will be made by participating contributors to the Fund. Grant awards will be disbursed by the Community Foundation of New Jersey. 

Image: Devastation in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. (Photo by AP Photo/Julio Cortez)