The Dodge Board Leadership series is designed to ensure that staff and board teams carve out invaluable focused time and gain new tools to help develop effective, strategic, and high-performing boards. 

Foundational Workshops are all mandatory. Please be sure to review our requirements and eligibility guidelines.

Breakfast and lunch are provided at these workshops, which are held at locations which are ADA accessible. 

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Getting Started: The Pillars of High Performance for Mission-Driven Organizations
Saturday, October 13, 2018 (Morristown)


This full-day workshop led by Dodge’s former President and CEO sets the stage for the entire Board Leadership series by exploring essential questions of organizational development, culture, and performance. Using The Performance Imperative (a new tool created by 150 experts and practitioners in the social sector), David will give an overview of the mutually-reinforcing tasks that organizations have to “get right:” leadership, management, program design, financial sustainability, culture, and assessment. Then he will focus on two foundational mental models: nonprofit lifecycles, which helps explain the predictable challenges that nonprofit staff and board members face as they grow and evolve, and formative assessment, which encourages us how to plan backwards from a vision of success, and create ways to “measure what matters” most to your organization.

We will learn how to think about change as something we design, rather than something that happens to us, and establish a learning culture that will help your organization prepare for the transformative impact of the workshops to follow.

The Board Bootcamp
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 (Morristown)


The Board Bootcamp provides a definitive foundation of best practices for effective and satisfying nonprofit Board participation. This full-day, interactive experience will deliver a comprehensive overview to help new and seasoned board members increase their capacity to be purposeful and fulfilled leaders. Content will include an overview of board roles and responsibilities, legal liability, fundraising, financial management, board development, strategic planning, and the board’s relationship with the executive director. This workshop touches on every area of board governance needed to excel as a strong board and will help your team target areas to focus on for the rest of the series.

Leading for High Impact: The Critical Role of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Wednesday, December 12, 2018 (Morristown) Thursday, December 13, 2018 (Monroe Township)


As the policy-making entity at the highest level of organizational leadership, boards play a critical role in creating an organization's values-driven culture.  Whether hiring the executive director, developing a strategic plan, or determining the allocation of resources, the board’s leadership on diversity, inclusion, and equity is critical to effective board functioning and serving the diverse communities of New Jersey. This workshop will help attendees understand how diversity, inclusion, and equity issues influence organizational culture and increase mission-impact. 

Through a highly engaging day of exploration, participants will understand how diversity, equity, and inclusion play out at both interpersonal and organizational levels, study and reflect on models to develop more competency to interact across differences, explore actionable next steps, and gain practical tools to bring this important conversation back to their larger board and staff. This workshop is suitable for beginners and more experienced learners alike, as it provides foundational diversity, equity, and inclusion information that is explored and applied in relationship to your organizational values, missions, policies and practices. 

The Board’s Role in Fundraising
Saturday, January 12, 2019 (Morristown)


To be successful at fundraising, you need to know all your options and pull together a diversified strategy that is right for your organization.

This full-day program focuses on the board’s role in fund development and fundraising, including how to inspire reluctant fundraisers, ask for gifts (large and small), and determine trends in philanthropy and giving. You will leave with an understanding of all that is involved in fundraising so that you can decide where to spend your time and energy to achieve the best results. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to learn and practice making an effective ask.


Recruiting and Retaining Effective Board Members
Saturday, February 9, 2019 (Morristown)


It’s an ongoing challenge to find qualified board members who bring the appropriate skills, temperament, expectations, and passion to the organization they serve. Once you have strong board members, how do you keep them motivated and content? This full- day workshop will provide practical tools to help design a culture of board assessment and development that fuels healthy organizations. Participants will learn how to monitor and build their boards’ profiles in terms of skill, experience, expertise, and demographics; explore strategies to recruit new board candidates; develop effective board member orientation; manage officer and committee chair succession and board performance appraisals; and run productive meetings.


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