Important reminders about the rubric writing process.

You have your topics and are ready to plunge in. Remembering the following important items will help ensure a successful process:

  • When writing a rubric, it’s important not to worry about getting the absolute right words in the right boxes – it’s a fluid process, it evolves over time. Don’t push for perfection in the first draft. Consider, as well, writing “DRAFT” in bold letters across the top of each draft of the rubric, so that people know it’s a work in progress.
  • Always remember that the object of the rubric is as much about the process of creating it as it is about the end rubric.
  • Be careful not to write a rubric that is about changing the behavior of people outside your control. Rubrics can easily become about changing the behavior of board members or membership. Instead focus on the action steps that your organization will take to influence the situation.

Many people become “rubric happy” and see many applications for assessment. Even with this high level of enthusiasm, there are often obstacles that get in the way of good assessment. Make a list of those things that might get in your way, because unfortunately, you will encounter obstacles. Let’s examine them.

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