Intro: the Dodge Assessment Initiative Online Workshop

Through the Assessment Workshop led by former Dodge President and CEO David Grant, non-profit organizations tackle a difficult and important topic: improving the performance of their organization through a more thoughtful, sustained and sophisticated approach to assessment.

We invite you to participate in our Online Assessment Workshop, or share it with your co-workers if you have already taken the Assessment Workshop in person. We encourage you to explore or revisit what we mean by assessment and learn how to use the tools for measuring what matters most to you through the examples and sample worksheets and by listening to audio clips of the Assessment Workshop led by David Grant.

Let’s begin!

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How To Navigate This Workshop

You may choose to go through this workshop in a linear, page by page fashion, by clicking on the "Next" and "Previous" buttons at the bottom of each step.

If you want to browse through the steps, jump around, or need to go back a few steps, use the "non-linear" menu of steps at the bottom of each page.

If you are familiar with this workshop, and you are looking to refresh your memory, we think the following steps about the Rubric, which is the tool at the heart of this workshop, might be most useful to you: