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Building Effective, Strategic, and Mission-Driven Boards

At the Dodge Foundation, we believe nonprofit staff and boards need to spend time tending to their mission and intentionally reflecting and learning about the issue that matter most to them to maximize impact and build a healthy and strong nonprofit. 

In alignment with Dodge’s recently adopted strategic plan envisioning an equitable New Jersey, our Board Leadership Series now explores how we can support the capacity-building efforts of nonprofit staff and boards to value diversity, equity, and inclusion as an important part of their organizational culture and board leadership.

The Dodge Board Leadership series is designed to ensure that staff and board teams carve out invaluable focused time and gain new tools to help develop effective, strategic, and mission-driven boards. We hope your team will join our learning community!

Team participation 

This free series requires a significant commitment from both staff and board. Each organization can send a minimum of two and up to three participants for the in-person workshops. Your team, including the executive director and board president, must commit to attending all seven Foundational Workshops to participate in the leadership series and for your organization to qualify for a “Day of Clarity” Retreat upon completion of the series. One additional board member may attend Foundational Workshops, and this spot may rotate depending on the topic. For example, the development committee chair may join the team for the fundraising workshop or the governance committee chair may join the team for the diversity, equity, and inclusion workshop. Webinars are open to all staff and board.

Registration deadline

Please register your organization's team for all workshops by Oct. 10, 2019. Each workshop is limited to about 30 participants and will fill up quickly. Registration does not guarantee participation in the series — your team will receive a final confirmation email if accepted.

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Series Overview:

We’ve developed a proven, three-tiered process that creates opportunities for decision-makers to learn and build pathways to share and deepen the learning with others.

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Please register your team by October 10
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