“In Good Company” Learning Circles

Facilitated by Larry Capo and Laura Otten

You have the tools in your toolkit; now the challenge is to apply them to your day-to-day practices. These professionally-facilitated “In Good Company” Learning Circles offer nonprofit executive directors and board presidents, who have completed the 2019-2020 Board Leadership series, additional in-depth practical training, invaluable peer support, problem-solving strategies, and coaching. They also provide new insights in a supportive and confidential environment that enable participants to benefit from each other and share experiences that they would unlikely raise with co-workers or fellow board members.

In the first three-hour in-person gathering, the participants meet each other and begin the team building process. The remaining seven sessions are held by phone, for convenient participation from home or office.  There are separate sessions for executive directors and board presidents.

Eligible executive directors and board presidents will receive an invitation after the series.