It still feels like summer in the Green Roof Garden

September 7, 2014

Even though Labor Day has passed and the kids have gone back to school, it’s still summer. Just take one look at our Green Roof Garden.

Our garden has been churning out heirloom and cherry tomatoes since the beginning of August when they first began ripening.

There is no better way to enjoy a tomato than eating one fresh off the vine, whether you add thick slices to mayo-slathered bread with basil, cut it up with some avocado for a simple salad or just bite into it alone for a yummy snack.

We are still harvesting each of the tomatoes we planted: Early Girl, Amana Orange, Black Krim, Beefsteak, Santa Fe Sweet Grape and Red Cherry. The Amana Oranges is one of our favorites.

Other big Green Roof producers: Italian frying peppers, snapdragons and the eggplants are beginning to get plump enough to pick. We also had cucumbers (which we lost to powdery mildew), beans (which we wish we’d planted in a sunnier spot) and jalapeño and sweet peppers (still producing, but slowly).

The colorful flowers and herbs buzz with pollinators — bees and butterflies — and are a joy to pick for colorful and aromatic arrangements on our desks.

It’s amazing to a look back at past posts on the Dodge Green Roof garden from this summer to see how much it’s grown.

Here’s some more recent photos from the garden: