Jersey Give-Back Guide: Celebrating the New Jersey Conservation Foundation

December 16, 2013

Coming into the homestretch of  the 15 Days of Generating Generosity! Have you made a gift yet to any of the organizations in the Jersey Give-Back Guide? It’s a website designed to help you learn about some of New Jersey’s most effective nonprofits  as you are thinking about making your year-end donations. Today is Day 11 of the 15 Days of Generating Generosity, and we’re featuring the New Jersey Conservation Foundation.

The New Jersey Conservation Foundation is the state’s oldest land preservation organization. They are the Lorax – they speak for the trees. And the farmland, the meadows, the rivers, and the endangered species. If you have ever visited the Great Swamp National Wildlife Reserve in Morris County and marveled at its spectacular beauty, you can thank NJCF for not allowing it to turn into a major airport, which was the plan in the late 1950s. NJCF has also inspired the formation of several other land trusts around the state, and all these years later, they continue to be a strong voice in Trenton politics, speaking out on environmental issues. It’s your turn to speak for the trees: make a donation to NJCF.




  • The Dodge Foundation is offering $1,000 challenge grants to each of the organizations featured in the Jersey Give-Back Guide. To be eligible, each organization must receive at least 50 donations through the Guide by December 31st. Help them reach their goal and get that extra $1,000!