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Through our Open Call application process, we seek to engage with and learn about racial justice-focused organizations working across the state of New Jersey.  

Last year, we launched our first-ever “Open Call” for racial justice organizations that have not previously had access to the Dodge Foundation. More than 120 organizations from across the State answered that call, and we announced the ten organizations we are supporting from our first-ever Open Call process.  

The Open Call was designed to do three things:   

  1. Create a pathway for us to connect in new places and spaces with organizations that previously did not receive our support, particularly grassroots and community-driven organizations. 
  2. Learn more about critical racial justice issues, organizations, and opportunities across the State. 
  3. Further embed principles of openness and accessibility into our grantmaking process. We know invite-only grantmaking, as the sole pathway to access, can perpetuate an inequitable funding cycle where more established or networked organizations have an increased means to access continuous funding. 

The ten organizations selected through this process all shared a few key themes. These organizations outlined a clear vision and deep understanding of racial justice, have a systems-change approach, and demonstrated community buy-in and engagement of multiple stakeholders. Learn more about these organizations here.

This Open Call process is now closed. We are not currently accepting applications. 

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