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February 2, 2015

Public Image Works 1

Getting attention in today’s world can be challenging. It’s no longer enough to rely solely on traditional media or grassroots engagement to get a story out to the public and garner support.

That’s why we teamed up with Social Impact Studios to present Public Image Works, which takes a unique approach to communications and promotions.

Public Image WorksThis six-workshop participatory series helps you dig into your organization’s identity, develop vibrant promotional plans, including social media, and make the most of your valued relationships and success stories to achieve your goals.

The Public Image Works Series begins in March and runs through July. The series, free and intended for current Dodge grantees, requires a commitment of attending workshops and homework in between. Organizations may register four people for the initial workshop and up to three people thereafter. Teams may include executive directors, communications staff and other board/staff engaged in the organization’s communications strategy or execution.

Workshop Overview:

  • Distinguished Identity: Learn the best ways to capture the unique quality of your organization to reach important audiences. Connect your values and goals to your image for meaningful and powerful communication.
  • Vibrant Promotions: You need to get your story out for people to notice you. Create a practical promotional plan that ties together the many parts of social marketing.
  • Storytelling: Your organization has a plan for promotion; now learn how to harness the power of narratives for maximum impact.
  • Shared Power Mapping: Relationships are the life-blood of every successful organization. Learn tips for making the most of your valued contacts – and for building new relationships. Review practical ways to make “Power Mapping” a regular part of your operations for more fulfilling engagement.
  • Social Media Strategy & Skills: Social Media is a real and dynamic part of any good promotional effort. By its nature, it’s also a great way to connect to your valued relationships. Learn techniques for wrangling this ever-changing set of tools to your advantage – instead of feeling overwhelmed! (New this year is a social media workshop designed for beginners!)
  • Managing It All: A good Public Image takes more than sound strategy and practiced skills. It takes consistency, vigilance and good old fashioned management. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to regularly apply the theory and tools to your own organization and build the foundation for a strong, ongoing Communications Plan

PLUS: We know that ideas which seem easy while sitting in the classroom can feel more complicated when you implement them in your specific circumstances. Help is at your fingertips. Participants can take advantage of monthly webinars, a series discussion forum and “Just-In-Time” Consulting to stay on track.

Register your team online for all the workshops at least two weeks prior to the start of the series to hold your space.

Follow this link to learn more and register today.