Updates to the New Jersey Recovery Fund

February 6, 2013

We have added information to the New Jersey Recovery Fund section on the Dodge website, which you should know about:

  1. A Frequently Asked Questions section, which we will continue to update as questions arise.
  2. A discussion forum (“Let’s Talk”) to facilitate conversation about Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.

We have created the discussion forum primarily as a place for nonprofits and communities to reach out to one another, ask questions, share information, and  generally to gain a better understanding of the Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts already underway as well as the ideas and projects that are emerging. Keeping the lines of communication open is essential to collaborating and coordinating our work more effectively, and to avoid duplicating efforts, so we encourage you to make good use of the discussion forum.

We are also communicating information regularly on Facebook and Twitter, so if you haven’t connected with us there, please do.  You should also connect with the Community Foundation of New Jersey on Facebook and Twitter.

One final note: as a reminder, the New Jersey Recovery Fund will support transformational ideas with long-term impact. It is not designed to support small, short-term projects with limited impact. Also, the Fund is not intended to provide disaster relief to individuals, businesses or nonprofits for damages sustained during the Hurricane.

Please visit the New Jersey Recovery Fund section on the Dodge website for full application information, including guidelines, deadlines, and a listing of the Fund’s major partners.