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The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

Morris County / Madison

Throughout our half-century of operation, The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey has endeavored to illuminate the vital resonance and importance of these masterpieces for contemporary audiences through our world class stage productions and high-impact education programs.

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Dodge's Technical Assistance Initiative helps strengthen the infrastructure of non-profit organizations by offering high quality workshops to our grantees focusing on those issues they report concern them the most: leadership, organizational capacity building, board development, fundraising, communication strategies and assessment.

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2014 Featured Festival Poet: Sharon Olds August 29th, 2014 Martin Farawell, Program Director, Poetry

Photo by Marcus Mam, Vogue, September 2012 Through ten collections of poems, Sharon Olds has turned an unflinching eye toward the ecstasies and sorrows of living in the human body. Every stage of life is meticulously observed and explored: childhood, adolescence and the awakening of sexuality, marriage, the birthing of children, divorce, the caretaking of aging parents, their deaths, and the c...

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2014 Featured Festival Poet: Rachel McKibbens August 26th, 2014 Victoria Russell, Festival Assistant

Photo courtesy of Rachel McKibbens’s poetry feels like a product of dark magic–not meaning it is evil or bad, but rather a miracle arisen from misery. McKibbens is a phoenix, proud and resplendent amongst her ashes. She starts with darkness: pain, shame, abuse, violence, regret, neglect, longing, and then: BAM. She waves her magic wand, calls upon the forces o...

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