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New Jersey Future

Mercer County / Trenton

New Jersey Future employs original research, analysis and advocacy to build coalitions and drive land-use policies that help revitalize cities and towns, protect natural lands and farms, provide more transportation choices beyond cars, expand access to safe and affordable neighborhoods and fuel a prosperous economy.

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resource library

The Dodge Foundation offers an annual series of workshops designed to build organizational capacity. Each workshop features excellent tools for non-profit administrators and boards. We share some of them, including an updated overview of New Jersey's nonprofit sector, on our Resources Library page.

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A Bold Step Toward Community-Driven Journalism in New Jersey June 30th, 2015 Molly de Aguiar

“In an age of participatory media, news demands participation. Or to quote Benjamin Barber, ‘People are apathetic because they are powerless, not powerless because they are apathetic.’ For people to pay attention to an important story, it’s possible that we need to work to make it possible for people to have an impact on the outcome of the story… Ideally, we can ...

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Dodge Foundation Week in Review June 27th, 2015 Dodge

Catch up on the news in New Jersey with the Dodge Foundation. [View the story "Dodge Week in Review" on Storify]

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